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Lizi Boyd,
Author, Illustrator & Vermont Resident

Lizi Boyd works as a designer and is the illustrator of several picture books, including What Would You Do If You Lived at the Zoo?, as well as the author and illustrator of the book-and-craft package Mouse in a House. She lives with her husband and family in her childhood home in Woodstock, Vermont.

Baby's Journal
Lizi Boyd
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Baby's Journal is the perfect place to record the precious memories of Baby's first year. Each section provides plenty of space for words, snapshots, and mementos preserving such joyous milestones as Baby's first smile, first haircut, first steps, favorite toys, and new friends. The journal also includes a colorful growth chart and ten postcards!

Baby's Journal makes a delightful keepsake that will be treasured for years.

Hardcover Signed Editions $ 18.95
Hardcover Inscribed Editions
Shipped within 30 days of order $ 34.95

Lulu Crow's

Lizi Boyd
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A Silly Old Story with Brand-New Pictures

Fly into Lulu Crow's garden and join the Lion, the Rat, the Crane...
and all the other animals as they romp across the pages to a fun finale!

Hardcover Signed Editions $ 18.95
Hardcover Inscribed Editions
Shipped within 30 days of order $ 34.95

Princess, Cowboy,
Pirate, Elf

Lizi Boyd
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Everything a child needs to perform fun-filled miniplays with a friend or an adult is right here in Princess, Cowboy, Pirate, Elf. Fourteen very short, very simple plays and nine full-color paper hats transform a rainy day, a long car ride, or an after-school afternoon into a theatrical experience!

Make-believe plays an important role in children's development, and Princess, Cowboy, Pirate, Elf is designed to stimulate young imaginations by giving them the keys to magical worlds where pirates meet princesses, elves meet cowboys, and girls meet lion tamers...

So encourage creativity! Children won't want to stop making believe until they've worn every hat and played every character!

Paperback Signed Editions $ 14.95
Paperback Inscribed Editions
Shipped within 30 days of order $ 30.95

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