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Li Ace,
Author, & New Hampshire Resident

Li Aces' mom once referred to her as a rebel without pause. I remember those years, the challenges I instigated, met head-on, and conquered with all the finesse of a raging bull. It was only natural that I would create a defiant, headstrong character like Lacy and a formidable counterpart like Cole to keep her fires kindling. As for Aces of Hearts, I hope the reader will find it a humorous yet daring challenge of the heart.

Aces of Hearts
Li Ace
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Four Aces, two hearts, and one sizzling challenge after another. . .
Is any bet a sure thing? Don’t bet your heart on it.

Researching her book, Lacy Gates finds herself in Wenona, Texas where she collides with infamous loner Cole McBride, rancher and ex-con. They immediately clash, and Lacy, who can never resist a challenge, finds him more challenge than she bargained for.

Tagged a wife murderer and scarred by Nam, the last thing Cole needs is a woman on his ranch disrupting the order of things, but Lacy remains and quickly ignites a passion in him that he had thought long dead.

The challenges are endless, the stakes–high. Instead of writing a romantic adventure, Lacy finds herself living a dangerous one.

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