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A New Presentation of a Classic Book
A Bit about the Book by Janine Weins

Elwood and Agnolia loved spending time in the White Mountains. When the weather, their jobs or family responsibilities made it difficult to get away they enjoyed reading The White Mountains -Names, Places & Legends, the AMC Guide to the White Mountains, Lucy Crawford's History of the White Mountains and some of their other books about the White Mountains.

In January, when Elwood had gotten out his well-worn AMC copy of Lucy Crawford's History of the White Mountains; he realized the book was falling apart. Hoping to replace his favorite White Mountain reference, Elwood had stopped at the bookstore where, to his great disappointment, he learned that the AMC edition of this classic and important book was out of print. Before leaving the bookstore Elwood asked the owner to give him a call if she was able to find a copy of the History of the White Mountains in good condition.

When Elwood got home from work Friday evening, Agnolia told him the bookstore had called to say that they had a new reprint of Lucy Crawford's History of the White Mountains and that the owner of the bookstore said the new edition was even better than the old red AMC edition.

Saturday morning Elwood stopped at the bookstore. When he spotted the new edition of Lucy Crawford's History of the White Mountains, he knew he would like it better than the AMC edition. The new History of the White Mountains, which had been published by Durand Press, the publishers of The White Mountains - Names, Places & Legends, was an attractive hardcover. On the cover there was a color etching, and throughout the book there were illustrations. The front and back plates were sketches showing a view of the White Mountains. Delighted with his new edition of an old and classic book, Elwood purchased the book and headed home.

As soon as he got home Elwood showed his new History of the White Mountains to Agnolia and the twins. Then, while Agnolia prepared dinner, Elwood reminded his daughter that she had been named for the author, Lucy Crawford and then read from the introduction:

Lucy Crawford's History of the White Mountains is perhaps the most important book about this region of New Hampshire that has ever been published. And while this book is about the settlement of the White Mountains, it is also about the growth and expansion of the United States. . . This is a story of pioneers . . . and of a family . . .

John T. B. Mudge

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