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A Healthy Dinner With Peanuts in A Half Hour
A Bit about the Book by Janine Weins

Agnolia had been so busy planning her garden she had little time to plan and prepare meals. The third night she served broiled chicken, steamed broccoli, carrot sticks and brown rice the twins said the meal was boring and then had a temper tantrum. Agnolia did not approve of the tantrum, but she could not disagree with the twin observation, meals of broiled chicken and steamed vegetables were boring.

The next day Agnolia stopped at the bookstore in search of some quick healthy recipes. In a display of new cookbooks she found The Co-op Cookbook: Delicious and Healthy Meals in Less than Half an Hour. The back cover said the author, Rosemary Fifield, was Education Director at the well regarded Co-op Food Stores in Hanover and Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Since the cover promised "delicious," "healthy", and preparation times of "less than half an hour" Agnolia purchased the new book.

Anxious to try a new recipe, Agnolia decided to stop at The Coffee House to make a shopping list and enjoy a cappuccino before grocery shopping.

As soon as Agnolia opened the book she realized that The Co-op Cookbook was more than just a cookbook. After a very interesting section on the history and organization of cooperative societies Agnolia found suggestions for "Saving Time in the Kitchen" and information about cooking pasta and grains such a Asian noodles, millet, kasha and even quinoa, a grain that was "the stable food of the Incas."

Anxious to prepare her grocery list Agnolia turned to the index where she found the recipes listed under either "Soups, Chilis, & Stews," "Hot Dishes" or "Cold Salads" Since Elwood liked apples and she had some chicken breast in the refrigerator Agnolia decided to make "Apple Harvest Chicken" for dinner. The recipe called for -

« lb. spinach fettuccine
4 oz. mushrooms
2 baking apples
1 t. basil
_ lbs. chicken breasts
1 large onion
« cup apple juice
8 oz sour cream

Before putting the book down Agnolia looked through some of the other recipes. When she saw the recipe for "Peanut Veggie Stir-Fry" she knew she had found a dish the twins would not find boring. The recipe called for -

1 cup rice
1 green pepper
¬ cup peanuts
« cup peas
4 ox mushrooms
« t. pepper flakes
1 onion
1 carrot
in a sauce make with peanut butter, lime juice and tamari.

Rosemary Fifield

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